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BeautifullyDesigned Beds for VaughanON Customers

Selene Furniture specializes in manufacturing and selling beautifully-designed beds. Our Vaughan, ON customers have trusted us for over 40 years due to our dedication to quality construction and design. More importantly, we commit to offering plenty of variety, ensuring everyone can find a bed that meets their specification. Whether you choose one of our hand-built beds or one we imported from our partners in Italy, you can count on a comfortable, elegant, and logically-designed bed for years. Our beds are true marvels, featuring integrated support systems that eliminate the need for a box spring. Visit our showroom today to get started.

Why Integrated Support Systems Equal a Better Experience

Beds with integrated support systems are perfect for homeowners who want a sleekly-designed comfortable sleeping surface. Our modern-style beds offer both qualities in spades. You’ll sleep better and enjoy the look and feel of your bedroom better than before. Most of our past customers have attested to these five undeniable benefits of our beds:

  • No Box Spring: As stated above, you can ditch your box spring with our beds. Also called platform beds, integrated support system beds are designed to provide a solid foundation for the mattress.
  • Fewer Parts: Traditional beds require a mattress, box spring, bed supports, and frames. These parts cost money and create clutter. Our beds eliminate this problem.
  • Elegant Style: Our beds look better. We craft them to become an integral part of your home’s existing décor. Traditional beds won’t do that for you.
  • Better Sleep: A bed can be minimalist, and it can be stylish. But if you’re not sleeping well, these things won’t matter. OUR BEDS DO NOT SACRIFICE COMFORT TO LOOK GOOD.
  • Storage Space: One subtle advantage of our beds is the space underneath the platform. It provides plenty of opportunities for storage – helping to reduce clutter.

Choose Our Sleek, Comfortable Beds Today

We want you to sleep deep and comfortably. Our company does its part by providing smartly-built and attractive beds that enhance your quality of life. When it comes time to replace your bed, invest in a superior option. You won’t regret choosing Selene Furniture.

Contact Info

8051 Keele Street
Vaughan, ON L4K1Y9




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