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Elegance Personified: Dining Tables for Vaughan, ON Residents

Selene Furniture specializes in importing fine dining tables FROM ITALY and selling them to Vaughan, ON homeowners. We are proud of our reputation for providing quality furniture built to last the long haul. Our customers trust us because of our knowledge of design trends and commitment to quality construction and results. We encourage you to visit our showroom to discover what we offer. No matter which you choose, you’ll be happy.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Dining Room Table

Choosing the right dining table is crucial. We encourage you to take some measurements and view our gallery to see what we offer. Correctly deciding will make a huge impact on your happiness and comfort. The last thing you want to do is purchase a dining room table that is too big for your space – or too small. Fortunately, our team is more than willing to help you make the right choice. When deciding what kind of table to choose, you’ll want to consider:

  • Don’t Overcrowd Your Table: Leave plenty of space around all sides of the table. You will also want to consider how many people you frequently feed. People need around two feet of eating space. We sell extending tables for extra flexibility.
  • Round Tables Are Best for Small Spaces: You can fit a round table in a tight spot, and they have no sharp corners. Because they lack any straight edges, you can seat more people than you might think at the table. Plus, round tables offer more legroom.
  • Rectangle Tables Are Ideal for Narrow Rooms: If you have a long and narrow room, you’ll want to consider a rectangular table. The design will allow for more space for traffic flow around the table. Keep in mind that as the length increases, so does the width.
  • Square Dining Tables Offer Intimacy: Square tables offer the same level of intimacy as circular tables but can provide more space. Keep in mind that the bigger the table, the harder it will be for your guests to reach food in the middle.

Personalized Customer Service and Top-Quality Dining Tables

Purchasing a new dining room table should be an exciting time. We work hard to make the experience enjoyable for you and your family. Our collection includes pieces in various design styles, ensuring you will find something that matches your design sensibilities. More importantly, you can count on our team to find something that fits your budget. We’ll always provide personalized customer service, ensuring you walk out our doors with the table you deserve.

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